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Empowering Futures: Inventus Returned to Tonga in 2023 to Provide Rugby League Development Opportunities.

Inventus in Tonga NRL Player Agent Richard White
Photo Courtesy of Matangi Tonga

At Inventus, our commitment to nurturing young rugby league talents extends beyond the field. In November 2023, we had the privilege of returning to Tongatapu, Tonga, to connect with local students, attend training sessions, and contribute to the growth of rugby league in the region.

Nurturing Talent at Tupou College

NRL agents Richard White and Amon Ta'akimoeaka visited Tupou College, the champions of the 2023 Intercollegiate Rugby Championship. Inventus gifted essential rugby equipment, including cameras, training cones, balls, and more, to support the budding talents at Tupou College Toloa. As champions, Tupou College Toloa, Tonga College' Atele, and 'Apifo'ou College showcased some of Tongatapu's most promising student players.

Scouting For The Future Of Rugby League in Tonga

To identify and encourage promising rugby league talent, we organised a training session at Hala Ano, Kolomotu'a field, bringing together student players from various secondary schools. We focused on essential characteristics such as self-discipline, commitment to improvement, respect for self, family, and club, and the confidence to embrace challenges. Through this initiative, we aimed to provide valuable insights to help these young athletes take their rugby league journey to the next level.

Continued Commitment to Tonga

This visit marked our return to Tongatapu since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2019-2020. However, it also reaffirmed our commitment to regular visits, with a pledge to return at least twice a year starting in 2024. Beyond gifting equipment, our goal is to inspire and encourage local rugby league talent, fostering an environment where aspiring athletes can dream big and find potential rugby league opportunities.

At Inventus, We are dedicated to shaping a future where every young rugby league talent has the chance to excel, both on and off the field. With every visit to Tonga, we strive to leave a lasting impact, creating pathways for success and empowering the next generation of rugby league players in Tonga.

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